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Career Growth

We aim in helping our employees to grow, enabling them to make a difference, and teams to win. With this objective, it offers a unique culture and broad career opportunities for movement within the BANK. We encourage our employees to take on new responsibilities, share their ideas and contribute innovative solutions that help us achieve our goals.

We foster a culture of high performance and excellence by offering our employees tools and resources for professional development. We also offer a diverse menu of professional training and rewards, and recognition programs that reinforce the value of a job well done. We would like every employee to succeed to reach his full potential and explore further his skills and capabilities. We would encourage and facilitate in building and developing skills, and provide with the necessary experience, knowledge, and competencies.

Learn, develop and grow with us

Employees can grow their career across our diverse business. They are enabled by a network of people, systems, and processes that provide feedback and support as employees explore their further opportunities.

We pride ourselves on offering great career opportunities and developing talent from within, including the future leaders of the business.

Understanding what is expected of you in your current role is every bit as important as recognising and rewarding you for great performance. We provide regular, constructive feedback, both informally and formally through our performance review process in order to help you identify opportunities to apply or learn new skills across ANB Units.

ANB will offer wide possibilities for talented and innovative people to enjoy career paths filled with success, accomplishments and personal growth. Our objective is to create a brighter future and draw on advanced approaches to achieve practical solutions and career development.

Training Program

Internship / Coop Programs ANB provides opportunities for students to undergo internship in various areas in the bank, as part of their academic requirements for graduation. Aside from students in the Banking and Finance majors, ANB also opens its doors to students from other majors, such as Industrial Engineering, Economics, Business Administration, Marketing and Accounting.

Summer Training During the Summer, ANB opens its doors to our employees' immediate family for a Summer Training Program. This provides them with the opportunity to experience real-life work situations and inspire them as they decide on their future careers.